Little Hut Cheese Rolls



Cheese rolls are a quintessential south-of-the-Rakaia tearoom staple. Like with the pavlova and the flat white, who made them first and what constitutes a great cheese roll is to this day up for debate.

We all have our favourites and being from Dunedin mine was The Little Hut cheese roll. The Little Hut opened in the 1950s and their rolls eschew onion, onion soup mix or any other variation. It is a purist’s version. A few years ago I rang the owner and asked him if he would divulge his recipe. Lucky for me he was happy to. It involves mild cheese and tasty cheese and that’s about it other than a thick smear of butter on the outside once it has been toasted.

The joy of a good cheese roll is when butter and molten cheese oozes out of the roll and runs down your hand as you bite into it.

Sadly The Little Hut closed a year or two ago. In its honour we re-named our cheese rolls as Little Hut cheese rolls. That way there is no debate as to the recipe.


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