Designing & building Astoria


The original concept drawings for Caffe Astoria were by John Duncan at Smoked Hoki.  The actual fit-out and design was completed by Stuart Gardyne and Nina Wale-Wilson of Architecture +  who brought our vision to reality.

We were lucky to work with some great people while designing and constructing Astoria, our architects included. Russell and Ainsley from Thonet designed the banquette seating, which we still believe is the most comfortable in town. Bill Martell from Metalogeny designed the grill work above the chef’s bar and the outdoor and interior wall light fittings. The design of the lights was based on some we had seen at Cafe Brasileira in Braga, Portugal (see our previous post). Our gorgeous mirrors were handcrafted by David at Exhibit A. Bruce Tanner was our amazing plumber who worked with us for years until Peter Jackson etc. stole him from us (no hard feelings).



We have included some photos of the construction which took place during December 1995 and January 1996.


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