Where are they now? – Part 2

Sarah Kerr – Cafe Manager 1999 – 2003


Many of you will remember Sarah Kerr not only from her days as Shift Manager and Front of House Manager at Astoria, but also from her time running Anise, our beautiful restaurant in Cuba Street back in the mid 2000’s. Sarah was always full of energy and great fun to work with. Our Astoria customers loved her. Thanks for all your great work and the fun we had.

Sarah is about to have her second baby any day now – very exciting.

Here is what she has to say;

Name; Sarah Deans (or if you prefer, Sarah Kerr).

Age;  40  eek!

When did you work at Astoria? In 1997 for 6 months then came back for more punishment from 1999 – 2003.

What position were you employed in? Café Manager.

Where are you now?  I’m still in Wellington, married and the mummy to a 2 year old boy Sebastian.  Bless!

What do you do now work-wise?  I manage the HR for Beef + Lamb New Zealand.  It’s a pretty cool job but in case you are wondering, yes I do miss hospo every so often.

Tell us something interesting about yourself:  I still can make a mean espresso coffee althought it’s been years, it’s actually just like riding a bike.

Do you have a funny story from your Astoria days or memory that you would like to share?

Where to start?  Some of the funniest stories are definitely unprintable!  But, every day had something hysterical which was just the way we rolled back then. The great customers who became friends, the work mates who became best friends (some even became husbands and wives) and bosses who treated us like family.

The after hours montepulciano d’abruzzo sessions, The epic Friday nights, when the park was overflowing and we went through cases of Corona and played the K&D sessions on repeat. The buzz after a massive day and cracking records on the till. The LOVE BOAT party and THAT dance!!!!  Go Jenny, Johnny and George! THAT DRESS!!!! ha ha ha!!!!!

the dance

Sarah with Jonny Roe, Jenny Cummings & George Bowler in front.

Birthday greeting;

Happy 20th B-Day Astoria.  You are still the best place I’ve ever worked.  I’m not quite sure how you did it but you managed to employ the best people and were generous, fun and didn’t take any shit all at the same time. Here’s to the next 20  at which point you’ll have to make the gaps between the tables bigger so your zimmer frames don’t knock the customers chair legs and annoy the pants off them.

But seriously, to Sue and Janice …thank you so much for being such awesome bosses.  You taught me so much (soppy soppy!!!) and so much of what you taught me I still use today.  You two rock.

And of course the A team back then; George, Johnny, Corrie, Jenny, Annika, Lucy, Nadia, Jonny, Rachel, Sarah G (Sezza!!!), James P, Greta, John… too many to name but many more.

Reunion time!

sarah kerr deans
Sarah with her son Sebastian, his fist day at Creche.