Where are they now? Part 3

Stephen Keith – General Manager Extraordinaire


Steve Keith worked at Astoria for 12 long years. He started as Shift Manager, managing evenings, then became General manager. To date Steve is our longest serving GM. Steve became part of the fabric of Astoria and was loved by both staff and customers alike. We loved his sense of humor and no-nonsense approach to managing. We still miss you Steve and look forward to your visit in the next few days!

Here is what Steve has to say;

Age;  47

When did you work at Astoria;  2002 – 2014

What position were your employed in?
Started as evening Shift Manager, became General Manager in 2003

Where are you now?
Living in Chile in a small southern city called Valdivia. Working as an assistant for Pew Trusts helping with logistics for Global Ocean Legacy.

Do you have a funny story from your days at Astoria;
When I first started working for “the girls” I was a duty night manager and on one of my shifts I decided it was so slow I had the power to close early and no one would know, and of course this night the girls were out and came back thru the cafe and told me in no uncertain terms that we DON’T close early for any reason. First lesson learned about the girls, they see everything !!!

Happy Birthday Astoria you rock !!

img-814173200-0001Steve with his Mamas, Janice and Sue
steve w hannahs baby
Steve with Hannah’s baby.


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